Milk Chocolate "Splits"

Q - What do you get when you cross an ORDINARY pretzel with ordinary chocolate?
A – A mouth full of BLAH!! A waxy tasteless chocolate flavored CRACKER. You get a stale taste in your mouth just thinking about it.

Q - What do you get when you cross a "SPLIT" with the finest chocolate we could find?
A - You get a sweet and creamy surface with a CRUNCHY and salty inside. You did just put a pretzel in your mouth, shouldn't it be crunchy? We thought so too.

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    Reading Pretzel Fest

    Unique Pretzels is proud to be the main sponsor for the second annual Reading Pretzel Fest on Saturday, September 27th. Hosted again at the Reading Fightin Phils’ stadium...

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  • Reading Pretzel Fest

    #UniqueTailgate Campaign

    Football is finally back! As far as pretzel bakers go, we have to be among the most excited to have games to watch every weekend. Of course, we can’t think of football season without thinking of our tailgate.

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