Sprouted Puffs

“Puffs” are one of the latest great snacks by Unique Pretzels. We’ve removed the inside to leave you the best part of the pretzel, the crunchy tasty outside shell. With all crunch & no filling, these “Puffs” are addictive and pack a serious crunch!

What is “Sprouted” you ask? Well, these “Puffs” are made with a wheat flour that digests like a vegetable…because the wheat was “Sprouted” or germinated. Amazingly, when whole grains are sprouted, they are converted into a living food with more vital nutrients. The nutrients are now in a form that the body can more easily absorb. Think of a sprouted whole grain as a plant. Plants digest in the body as vegetables and are some of the easiest foods to digest.

Our organic Sprouted whole grain flour is made by Essential Eating and tastes absolutely wonderful as it has not been bleached, refined or overly processed. We also use an organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our Sprouted “Puffs” are one of the very few snacks that are not bad for you AND tastes GREAT!

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