Unique Pretzels History

The Spannuth Family started baking hard and soft pretzels back in the late 1800's. The demand for our hard pretzels increased rapidly because of our "Unique" baking process. We would let the raw pretzel set to perfection and when ready, the pretzel would be placed into the oven where it would burst open creating bubbles and crevices that were crispy, yet crunchy, and full of flavor. As we produced this split-open pretzel we started calling them "Splits". They were only one of their kind.

Still using the original recipe, the 6th generation of the Spannuth family is proud of its quality and high standards of what a pretzel should be by only using our knowledge of the baking process to achieve the finest flavors and textures, not by throwing in unnecessary additives. Through the years, other bakeries have tried to copy our "Splits" without much success. "Splits" are not just another pretzel shaped cracker, they pack a serious crunch and are tantalizing to the palate of any pretzel lover.

Don't be fooled by imitations, we are the original bakers of a split-open pretzel. Our promise to you is "To maintain for the future, the original quality along with the original recipe, so that each and every customer can continue to enjoy Unique Pretzels, as they have done in the past and continue to do today!"

The Spannuth Family


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